Saturday, March 7, 2015

5 Home Remedies for weight loss

We all know about definition of obesity and  also measure BMI index to calculate the obesity, and we also discuss daily calories intakes require to maintain body weight. Today I am giving you some tips on weight loss from home remedies to lower your body weight without going outside of home for trimming your body. Here are the key home remedies for weight loss:

1. All readers are the benefits of "honey" for health. I suggest you to use pure honey (see Agemark sign while purchase) with warm water and drink  it on an empty stomach after your brush.

Home remedies for Weight loss. As we discussed earliest, green tea has many advantages over normal tea. It's anti-oxidant properties can benefits to burn extra fat. You need to drink green tea three times a day for weight loss fast.

3. Hot water also dilute your body's fat cell. Drink hot water after half and hour of  the meal. Don't drink hot water immediately after a meal.

4. Use mint leave to improve the digestion.

5. In Indian home people use to eat fennel seeds after lunch or dinner. It's a tradition but it also helps you in digestion and reduces the gas. If you drink fennel seeds boiled in the morning and drink pain water in the morning.

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