Saturday, November 8, 2014

Banana Good For Weight loss Fast : Follow Hitoshi Watanabe Banana Weightloss Plans

Why Banana?

Banana Content:  Low Saturated Fat, Cholesterol, Vitamin C, potassium(467 mg), sodium one mg,  manganese and of course fiber

Benefits:  Control high blood pressure, stroke,  cardiovascular disease and  atherosclerosis.  Dark patches on yellow skin banana contain TNF

(Tumor Necrosis Factor)   To combat abnormal cells and increase immune system. Eating fiber protects from coronary heart disease (CHD) and.

cardiovascular disease (CVD). Potassium  helps to promote bone health.

Follow Hitoshi Watanabe Banana Weight loss Plans?

There are many weight-loss plans  includes banana in the weight-loss programs. The reason behind it slowly releasing carbohydrates in the blood

steam. The glycemic index of banana is very slow so it is advisable to eat a banana is best food to consume for weight loss. While some fruits contain.

High Glycemic index can release more energy, and it resulting into a higher or lower blood-sugar level. So dietitian and weight loss expert have added.

Bananas in the diet plan for weight loss.

In Japan, people usually consume banana in the morning break fast.  Hitoshi Watanabe has worked upon a Banana diet plan in Japan.  Hitoshi

Watanabe Banana diet plant is very simple, in the breakfast you can eat banana and normal water (Not cold or hot) at 8 am, after that you can eat.

Whatever you want to add in the launch and dinner. You have to leave out dairy products, alcohol and fast food. You can add some sweat in the 4 pm snacks.

Banana good for weight loss fast

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